Offbeat Video

By Ellie Duncombe

This is the impressive Awashima shrine in Japan, which has over one thousand dolls, figures and statues.

The huge collection shows dolls that have been donated by people from all across the country, and the chief priest of the shrine claims that the area has famous healing powers, especially for women.

Pic by 28Lab/Caters News

Kei Oumawatari, who took the photos, said:”There are many kinds of dolls and people bring them if loved ones have passed away or if their daughters have grown too old for them.

“The history of people bringing dolls to the shrine dates back to the Japanese Edo period where prayers would be said to help stave off bad spirits. 

Pic by 28Lab/Caters News

“Awashima is mainly for ‘Hina Ningyo’ – dolls that have been given to young girls which are displayed every year on Girl’s Day which is 3rd March.

“However, the collection is not limited to dolls, there are literally thousands of other sculptures here, including figurines, carvings and statues.

Pic by 28Lab/Caters News 

“It really is quite incredible.”