Offbeat Video

By Michael Scott

Dramatic footage has emerged of a huge ‘fire twister’ spiraling over an erupting Hawaiian volcano. 

The incredible video shows the moment a whirlwind forms over a red hot lava channel near to fissure 8. 

Joseph Anthony, from Hong Kong, got incredibly close to the action to shoot the footage and said natural phenomena continued for up to two minutes. 

Joseph Anthony/Caters News

He said: “It was definitely hot. It formed right over the lava river very close to fissure 8. 

“The heat combined with the prevailing breeze is what combines to form these twisters. 

“In the last few days a lot more of them have been observed.  

“It took about 15 seconds to form from a swirling cloud to a twister and it lasted about two minutes. 

Joseph Anthony/Caters News

“When it faded away I could see it was drifting above the river back towards the fissure. It only moved about 20 to 30 metres up river. 

“The wind was swirling a lot and this created the ethereal effect you see in the video.

“It was a surreal moment. Serene even. I could hear the whooshing noise from fissure 8 fountain to the right but apart from that and the coqui frogs there was no other sound so I could just stand there watching mesmerized by the swirling twister.”