Video Viral

by Randal Coombs

 Scary footage shows a scooter pulling a bike carrying a child down a main road with rope.

 Captured on Main Street in Monroe, Washington, USA, on July 2, a person wearing a turquoise and carrying a small child on their back clings on to a makeshift rope.

 Setting off from the traffic lights, the biker wearing all black pulls his passengers along while Mark Munger drives behind them.

 Mark said: “They pulled out in front of me and went about two miles down the road like that.

 “I could not see what the bike was holding on to, but it didn’t appear to be made of proper rope.

 “They would have been travelling around 25mph as that’s the speed limit and I was right behind them.

“The way they were riding, anybody could have backed out right after that scooter went by not seeing the bicycle and taking the child and the woman completely out.”