Offbeat Video

By Jack Williams

This is the moment a trainee diver got quite a shock on his first-ever deep dive, coming incredibly close to a GREAT WHITE SHARK.

In the amazing footage, diver Cody Wabiszewski can be seen filming himself face-on, while the 15-foot shark circles in the background.

Pics by GlobalFishingReports / Caters

The moment stunned Cody, who can be heard audibly screaming, “IT’S A GREAT WHITE SHARK! OH MY GOD!”

At one point, the shark was only 15 feet away from the group, Cody said.

He and a group of friends stood 70 feet below the surface off Marathon, Florida, on May 16, 2018.

Cody was working toward his advanced scuba certification under the watchful eye of staff from Captain Hook’s Marina and Dive Center.

The shark was filmed near the Florida Keys’s Thunderbolt, a ship intentionally placed under water as part of a local artificial reef project.

Cody, 30, said: “When my scuba buddy tapped me on the shoulder and pointed at the shark my first thought was that it was a huge bull shark, but I quickly realized it was too big to be a bull shark. 

Pics by GlobalFishingReports / Caters

“I looked away for a second and then looked back as a sanity check – I then said to myself that it was defiantly a great white shark.

“It was a surreal to see the shark that was also surrounded with a large school of permit and amberjacks. 

“This was what you dream about seeing while diving, but not what I expected to see on my first deep dive. 

“I was just hoping to see a few amberjacks and I would have been super excited.”

While the indicent took place, Cody’s instructor monitored the group, encouraging them not to make any sudden movements.

Bubbles scare sharks, Cody said, so he was trying to limit those being made by his breathing apparatus, encouraging the creature to remain in the area.

Eventually, Cody and the team returned to the surface, where the video shows them saying, “Get on the boat!”, before later congratualing each other on the sighting.

A few months ago, Cody moved from a desk job in Pennsylvania to work in a dive shop in Marathon, Florida.

Pics by GlobalFishingReports / Caters

The former engineer has also created a database,, to allow people to where, when and how fish are being caught.

But even if he were to come across such a large great white again – technological help or not – the diver said he would be equally thirlled.

Cody said: “Most people think that it was really cool that we got to see a great white shark while diving. 

Some people give me a hard time about being so excited. 

“However if I saw another great white shark while diving tomorrow, I would be just as excited.”

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