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This is the magical moment shocked sons struggle to find their father who just performed an incredible ‘What the Fluff’ disappearance trick. 

Tony Mehlich, 33, of Cassleberry, Florida, USA, thought his kids would enjoy the stunt after seeing numerous users online doing it to confuse their dogs.  

The trick involves holding up a large blanket in a doorway and while dropping it, the performer steps aside to hide behind something. 

On June 26, after running into the bedroom as the blanket fell to the ground, this father was able to camouflage in the closet before Maddux, one, and Mason, six, went looking for him.  

The boys circled the house struggling to find their dad and upon returning to the bedroom, he was standing in the doorway, peeking over the blanket. 

Tony, a high school baseball coach, said: “My wife and I watched those ‘What the Fluff’ videos with the dogs and thought our kids would love the magic trick. 

“I made sure the boys were both watching me, threw the blanket up and ran into the closet. 

“I totally expected them to find me, but they didn’t and the manhunt was on. 

“They ran around the house looking for me. My youngest son had no idea what was happening or where I was. When he finally saw me, his excited reaction was priceless.”