By Jamie Smith

A photographer has captured the adorable moment a pair of bears shared a touching embrace in the middle of a ferocious fight.

Patrick Martin, 50, was travelling around the coast of British Columbia, Canada, when he came across a sleuth of bears fighting one another

Pic by Patrick A Martin/Caters News

However, two of the beasts appeared to pause from their fight to share a touching bear hug, leading Patrick to quickly snap the unique moment.

Colin, from Washington DC, said: “These two bears seemed to be well acquainted and would often be seen together munching on sedge grass.

Pic by Patrick A Martin/Caters News

“From time to time they would stop eating and wrestle with each other – you might call it play fighting.

“This particular fight went on for more than half an hour, and they even ended up in the water.

Pic by Patrick A Martin/Caters News

“They eventually got out of the water, gave one another a ‘bear hug’ and went back to eating together – but they both seemed to enjoy their play fight that’s for sure!

“I felt very privileged to get to see these animals in their habitat acting out their natural behaviour.”