Offbeat Video

By Bethany Gleave

This motorist was left looking a bit of a plank – after he was caught driving down an A road with timber sticking out of his windows.

Apparently struggling to fit the wooden beams into his blue Mini Paceman, the driver decided to lay them across the front seats and leave them sticking out of the driver’s and the left rear passenger’s windows.

Shocking dash cam footage appears to show him pinned against his seat and having to raise his hands over the planks to grasp the steering wheel as he travelled at around 35mph.

In the video the Mini can been seen travelling down the A6191 in Mansfield, Notts, at 2pm on June 30 while the driver attempts to keep the boards secure with his right arm.

Rob MacKinnon, 40, caught the surprising footage on his dash cam and he and his family were left stunned as to how the motorist even got into his car.

Rob, from Mansfield said: “It was surprising to see. When I got closer it was apparent that it was loaded up to the brim.

“The planks of wood were coming out of both the passenger and driver side. It looked like the wood was angled across him.

“He had it from the rear passenger window across and out of his window.

“Then it was the same on the other side.

“He was completely blocked in by the wood. I’m quite interested in how he managed to actually get in the car.

“He only had one arm free to control the car. I’m not sure if it was an automatic car but it is still dangerous.

“It was unsafe for him and anyone else on the road.

“If he had got into a bump he would’ve been full of splinters or they could’ve have slipped out the car.

“He had probably come from a nearby hardware store.

“He mustn’t have realised how much he was going to buy when he went shopping.”

Product designer Rob thinks the driver knew how overloaded the car was as he appeared to awkwardly smile and wave at the cars looking at him.

However the dad of two still thinks the motorist should’ve kept his boot open and had the wood hanging out of his boot.

Rob said: “I think he knew people would’ve noticed he was surrounded by all this wood.

“When we were at the traffic lights he was awkwardly smiling and waving to the car next to him.

“Really people should just leave their boots open and have it hanging out that way.

“The wood wasn’t secured down so one harsh brake and it could have slid out of the car.

“We followed him for a few minutes and even my son was asking questions about how he was able to drive with all that in front of him.”