Life Video

By Bilal Kuchay

This is the nerve-wracking moment a Pakistani teenager drowns while attempting to record a video near a gushing river.

Sheraz Khan, 19, from Korangi in Karachi in Pakistan’s Sindh province, had come to the Swat river in the scenic valley of the same name for picnicking with his cousin Yaseen Khan and maternal uncle Khan Muhammad. 

The electrical engineering student, who was scared of water, surprisingly walked onto the edges of the rocks of the swollen river in an attempt to get the footage taken. 


Visuals show the teen wearing a green traditional outfit, walking onto the edge of the rocks but as he reaches closer to the river, he slips on the wet surface and falls into milky-white swat.  

The harrowing moments were captured on Yaseen’s smartphone and have gone viral since then.

A devastated Yaseen said: “During the whole trip he used to stop me from going close to river. He was very scared of the river. I used to make fun of him that you are afraid, be a man.

“As we were about to leave Sheraz requested me to make his video as he will go close to the river and will show me that he was not afraid.

“I never thought that this could happen. I curse myself for not stopping him.”

The shocking incident happened on Thursday evening last week.  

Sheraz’s maternal uncle, Khan Muhammad, said: “It was around 6pm and we were about to leave for home. 

“I went to the hotel to checkout and Sheraz and Yaseen went to the river side to shot few pictures. 

“As I ventured into the hotel, I heard Yaseen shouting ‘Ya Allah’ (Oh Allah) several times.


“I rushed and saw Sheraz drowning into the fast flowing river. 

“Scores of people gathered near the spot but we all were so helpless that we could see him drowning but couldn’t help him.”

A rescue team rushed to the spot within 10 minutes but by then Sheraz had drowned.

His body was fished out the next morning near Manghora, around 30 miles away from the place where the accident happened.

“The incident has left us all in deep shock. We are too unlucky to loose him this way but who can fight the fate.

Shera’z father Ghulab Saeed said: “My biggest fear was when I was told that his body has not been recovered yet. 

“I prayed to God that may we get his body so that I could burry him with my hands.”