Offbeat Video

By Ben Walley

This young man heard a completely new word for him-and made sure to learn it by repeating it a few times!

He was in the car with his mum and he picked up the word straight away-after overhearing his mum using it.

His mum, Aimee Macfarlane, 41, didn’t miss the chance to record little Deklan, 2 at that hilarious moment.

The video was shot on June 7, in the parking lot of a store in Abbotsford, Canada where mother and son had gone shopping. 

The cute fouled-mouthed child kept repeating the word over and over as he saw it as a game.  

Aimee said: “I was sitting in my car, rifling around in my purse and pockets looking for my credit card, and Declan was in the back seat in his car seat-when I realized I probably left my card at home, I said  to myself “ah sh*t”.

 “It was obviously loud enough to be heard. He started repeating it right away and of course it was so cute and funny.

“I kept telling him not to say it and he just kept going.

 “I ended having my card the whole time and we went into the store, he was basically still repeating it as we went in.

 “Now at home he sometimes walks around saying oh sh*t quietly and we try to not laugh and repeat the word “ocean” that sounds similar.

“Whenever he finds this video on my phone, of course it starts all over again and he laughs at himself.