Animals Video

By Jack Williams

This fascinating aerial footage shows just how intelligent dolphins really are, as the smart mammal creates a mud ring in order to disrupt fish and make the potential prey leap into the air.

In the video, captured near St. Petersburg, Florida, USA, the dolphin can be slowly moving through the waters before suddenly averting its course to swim in a ring.

Pic by See Through Canoe / Caters

Slowly, the mud from the base of the shallow waters starts to become apparent, as the dolphin’s movements kick up dirt from the floor.

As a result, tens of fish can be seen suddenly leaping through the air, the dolphin looking out for a potential treat.

The footage was captured by Michael McCarthy of See Through Canoe, on June 20, 2018; and Michael was even fortunate enough to move alongside the dolphin beforehand.

Michael, 50, said he has seen this behaviour, both by groups of dolphins and individuals.

Pic by See Through Canoe / Caters 

When there is a group, Michael said, the remaining dolphins will wait outside the circle that’s created, catching the leaping fish.

For the lone dolphin in Michael’s footage, however, there was no such luck – it was unable to catch any of the fish that flew through the air.

Michael said that dolphins have a 50 percent success rate when using this technique.

The Florida native added: “There is only one other good aerial video showing this behavior, so not many people have seen this from this perspective. 

“I like the high energy and zest for life that dolphins seem to have. 

“And I find it interesting that they seem to be a curious about things as humans are.”