Offbeat Video

By Katy Gill

This brave speedflyer happened to record the heart-racing moment he came just feet from the ground whilst travelling at speeds of more than 90 miles-per-hour.

In early June, daring Jamie Lee, 25, climbed the 8,711-foot Carpathian Mountains in Romania before making a running jump.


From there, the veteran glider was treated to the scenic views of the Romanian countryside, gliding some 2,400 meters above the ground and, at times, rotating a full 360 degrees.

Jamie also comes incredibly close to the ground on numerous occasions – both the high peaks and jagged rocks, and closer to the strip of his landing.

According to Jamie, at some points he was less than one meter from the ground.

Such actions caught the attention of a friend and fellow glider, who can be seen frantically waving to try and catch the daredevil’s attention, alerting him to move closer to the landing strip.

Jamie said: “We drove a 4×4 up the plateau of the mountain and hiked for a further two hours to reach the launch cliff – the flight that lasted around three-minutes.

“I flew at different heights above the terrain, but at times came closer than one meter above the rocky mountains, which would result in obvious major injury.


“The mountains are surreal and make you feel extremely small in comparison.

“Launching was easy due to a light wind and beautiful weather.

“This sport gives me a unique way to travel and experience the mountains, it’s euphoric. 

“It gives me a feeling of peace and a complete feeling of contentless afterwards.

“Since uploading it online, many people have expressed how shocked they are watching the footage – though jaw-dropping, it’s been encouraging people to start flying.”