Animals Video

By Mike Jones

These friendly orcas respond to whistles from two marine researchers as they swim in the waters in northern Norway.

Eve Jourdain and Richard Karoliussen were collecting information on the Norwegian orcas for a survey when they spotted the magnificent creatures from the shore.

Taking the boat out and approaching the whales, they watched as the orcas displayed playful show-off behaviour. 

Richard said: “At first we didn’t whistle and just watched; but after a while we could hear one of the orcas making a lot of sound both above and below the water.

“We decided to whistle to see if it would respond and it did, nudging its head above the surface in time to the whistling.

“We’ve spent thousands of hours at sea observing orcas but have never experienced this type of behaviour with Norwegian orcas.

“It was an incredible encounter.”