Animals Video

By Curtis Mitchell

The daredevil on the video performs amazing tricks on his bike, flying in the air and doing wheelies. 

Stone Dyer, 18, knew the perfect way to celebrate an important moment for him- his High school graduation.

The young graduate was filmed by his brother, Hunter Dyer, on 11 of June, right after his graduation ceremony from Palisades High School, in Pipersville, Pennsylvania.  

It clearly is not his first time-his experience and skills are quite obvious.

He easily slides on the cement, the same way he rolls on the grass, jumps in the air and lands smoothly on the ground- still in his graduation robe!

This kind of tricks know ‘no limits’- as the sticker on his bike says. 

His proud brother Hunter said: “He rides all the time with us and is always on his bike.

“He’s been riding since he was five years old.

“I was excited for my brother and I thought the video was awesome.”