Animals Video

By Charlotte Regen

A tourist has captured the unique moment an enormous pod of FOUR humpback whales appeared to bubble net feed right next to the boat he is travelling on.

Craig Condy, was travelling on the coastline of Alaska when he saw the awe-striking moment that a pod of humpback whales showed its face to the eager tourists.

Whilst recording the moment, the pod of whales can be seen bubble net feeding next to the boat.

Craig said: “In this particular part of the world, the humpback whales have developed a particular feeding habit, passed down from generations. 

“A pod of whales will surround a school of fish and blow bubbles towards the centre, creating a barrier in which the fish become disorientated and swim upwards. 


“The whales will then follow the fish to the surface where they have no escape but to fall victim to the open mouths of the predator. 

“Four large humpback whales exploded out of the water just meters away from the boat. I held my breath as my heart beat in my chest.

“I was overcome with shock but yet I smiled from ear to ear knowing that I had just witnessed something that hardly anyone will ever get to experience.”

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