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By Mollie Mansfield

A doting puppy almost died after getting bitten by a rattlesnake to save his owner’s life – but luckily was left with only an adorably swollen face.

Paula Godwin, 44, was out for a walk with her six-month-old pooch, Todd, on Friday [June 29] when he noticed something moving by her leg.

Pics From Paula Godwin/Caters News

The curious golden retriever quickly darted for the rattlesnake to shield his owner from its venomous bite, but it turned and bit him on the face.

Paula, from Anthem, Arizona, grabbed Todd and rushed him to a veterinary hospital within 10 minutes, where he was treated with anti-venom.

Luckily, after 12 hours of care the curious pup is recovering at home and doing well – although his swollen face is taking some time to go down. 

Pics From Paula Godwin/Caters News

Paula, a daycare owner, said: “When we were out on our walk everything was fine, but since Todd is so curious he saw something by my leg and darted towards it.

“There was no warning and suddenly the snake bit Todd in the face.

“I quickly pulled him away and rushed him to the hospital and thankfully got there in just under 10 minutes.

Pics From Paula Godwin/Caters News

“They gave him an anti-venom while he was there and he stayed in the hospital for 12 hours to make sure he was ok. 

“He is now on the mend and the swelling is slowly going down – Anthem animal hospital did an amazing job.

“He saved me from getting bit, Todd is definitely my hero!

“Everyone has been so wonderful and supportive also, it’s amazing how supportive everyone has been of my brave pooch!”