By Nelson Groom

This perfectly-timed snap shows a wallaby admiring the view from a picturesque cliff-top in the Australian outback.

Most keep indoors to escape the Australian winter chill, but this thrill-seeker did the exact opposite by perching atop the precipice to soak up the sun.


Mum-of-three Red Wan, 38, had just finished an hour-long hike when she stumbled upon the rare moment in Mount Gillen, Alice Springs.

Stay-at-home mum Red said: “I do this hike all the time but I’ve never seen anything like this.

“It was a really cold morning so it was just sitting still there looking up and trying to get warm.


“It almost looked like it was going to try and jump up into the sun.”

Rock wallabies are nocturnal and spend most of their time sheltered among the rugged hills, boulders and cliffs of the Australian desert.

Red, who took up photography three years ago, said her favourite subject to capture was animals behaving unexpectedly in the wild.

She was surprised how big of a hit her image has proved online, with shares and commenters from over the planet.

Red added: “I couldn’t believe how popular the image is, it’s a great feeling for people to see my picture.”

“I love capturing wild animals doing unexpected stuff like this, they look so free.”