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By Catherine Reid

Britain’s longest married couple said the secret to their long and happy marriage is down to a home-cooked meal.

George and Phyllis Loftus have been married for 76 years – with 94-year-old Phyllis saying keeping hubby George ‘well fed’ is to thank for their milestone.

Pic From Caters News/Express and Star

The great grandparents, who met when George was working on LMS railway, will celebrate their 77th wedding anniversary this year.

Now George, 100, and Phyllis from Cannock, Staffs, have said golden rules including keeping your husband well fed and never going to bed on an argument are the key to their success.

Phyllis, the more talkative of the two, said: “I have always cooked.

“We don’t have any convenience food in this house. It is all done by me.

“When the pension comes in we have always sat either side of the table and worked out what we can spend.

Pic From Caters News/Express and Star

“We have never owned a house, owned a car, never drank or smoked, because we have always had what we can afford.

“But we have never owed a penny.

“I have always said as long as there is good food on the table that’s all that matters. The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.”

Phyllis, who had been brought up in Cannock, was training to be a nurse when she met George before working as a bus conductress.

George went to school at St. Giles and Central schools in Willenhall before becoming a painter and decorator, then a lockmaker at Kempson’s before moving to LMS (London, Midland and Scottish railways) where he was everything from a fireman to a train driver.

He said: “We have only ever had one argument. It started when we got married and it is still going on!”

The pair have one son, Ray, who is 72 and has a 70-year-old wife called Gillian.

They have two grandchildren, Gaenor and Teresa, and three great grandchildren Grace, Jack and Cameron.