By Richard Ashmore

This mangled wreckage shows what happens when an emergency ambulance hits a one-tonne HIPPO at 70mph.

The horror aftermath – which caused the death of the huge animal – left the vehicle smashed to pieces and the massive hippo fatally injured on the road when the two collided at night in South Africa.

CICA/ Caters News

The accident happened on the R573 Moloto Road on January 30 last week close to a river and several safari lodges and about 40 miles north east of the South African capital Pretoria.

CICA/ Caters News

A spokesman for CICA – Crime Intelligence & Community Awareness – South Africa, said: “One of the medics thankfully did not have head or facial trauma and was doing well last we heard.

“But the other medic suffered serious injuries. He has had extensive operations on his legs which were both broken and both his arms were broken. They were en route to an emergency so no patient on board.

CICA/ Caters News

“Hippos are big animals. The road the vehicle was on is dark and near a river. Hippos come out to feed at night, so it’s dangerous.”