Offbeat Video

By Curtis Mitchell 

A man was able to get revenge on his childhood bully by pulling a hilarious bink prank and covering him in baking ingredients. 

Brady Ward, from Huddersfield, was able to get his own back on the bully who is says ‘made his life hell’ at school by pulling the prank outside his house, in June, this year.

Brady distracts the man while a friend runs behind in and bundles him into the bin before he puts on a chiefs hat and adds all the ingredients for fairy cakes, covering him in flour, eggs and sugar. 

25-year-old Brady said: “He wasn’t expecting the prank. 

“He thought he was coming to plan a prank on someone else but I took advantage of the opportunity and got some sweet revenge.

“I’m not sure if he was planning on getting me back but I couldn’t let that happen to me and not get my revenge.

“When he got out of the bin he got up and walked away. He later sent me a message saying he never knew I looked at him as a bully and he’s changed since back then. 

“It sounds cruel but this was a proud moment for me. 

“I spent a lot of my childhood life being terrorised by bullies. 

“To get one back is like the icing on the cake.”