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A polyamorous throuple met when the man was religious studies teacher to one of his girlfriends.

For most girlfriends, sharing their partner is a complete no-go, but for Serafima Eriklintseva, 24, she actively encourages it.

Pics by Caters News -(left to right): Ivan Lebedev, Apollinaria Mayslik-Mertsalova and Serafima Eriklintseva

After first meeting boyfriend Ivan Lebedev, 30, at school, the pair got together after she left.

Serafima then met her girlfriend Apollinaria Mayslik-Mertsalova, 21, while at summer camp and the threesome became a throuple three years ago. 

The loved-up trio, who live in Moscow, Russia, now try and spend as much time together when they’re not working or studying.

Serafima said: “We consider ourselves a family and say we’re husband and wives.

Pics by Caters News: Apollinaria Mayslik-Mertsalova (left) kisses Serafima Eriklintseva.

“Our relationship is absolutely equal.

“The first time it was the three of us, it was like being in a trance state, it relieved a sense of conflict.

“It felt like eternal happiness.” 

Serafima, Ivan and Apollinaria have been a throuple for three years and, despite being in an open relationship, believe they are as strong as any other couple.

Serafima said: “I don’t think family means sharing the same blood as another, family are those who stay with you throughout your life.

Pics by Caters News (left to right): Apollinaria Mayslik-Mertsalova, Ivan Lebedev and Serafima Eriklintseva

“Right now, our relationship has no jealousy.

“Jealousy isn’t a part of life for everyone, its an indicator of a problem.

“It might be a lack of self-trust, or faith, so we try to work with the cause, not the symptom and solve the problem that way.

 “Our sexual relationship varies.

“We make love altogether or in couples, when two of us have time and one is away.

Pics by Caters News: Serafima Eriklintseva kisses Ivan Lebedev

“We all live together but we’re in an open relationship, so we can have other partners as well.”

Even if the relationship doesn’t last, Serafima is under no illusion that polyamory is the way of life for her.

Serafima said: “Polyamory is not about the way you live, it’s also about how you perceive yourself.

“We can’t promise anything to each other, but we plan to be together and build a family and have kids.

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“But if this relationship doesn’t work, I can’t see myself in a monogamous relationship.

“I won’t betray myself and go against my beliefs, chaining myself to a model that’s alien to me.

“That is against my nature.”