Offbeat Video

By Charlotte Regen

This amazing video shows off the incredible skills of one amateur pool “hussler” – using a BROOM. 

Captured by Florian Kohler at his home in Las Vegas, the footage shows Florian using a mundane household broom to perform a series of incredible pool tricks.


The professional pool trick shot artist said: “A broomstick has always been part of the ‘hustlers’ tool box in pool so I figured I would push it and see how far I can go with it. 

“The broomstick is absolutely ‘stock’ with zero modifications. 

“I also read a lot of comments saying the cue/equipment makes a big difference so figured I would prove people wrong.

Asked if the broom was hard to adapt to, Florian said: It was pretty difficult at first but once you get used to it I was actually amazed how much you can do with it. 

“The most awkward things are probably the bottom part that weights and the diameter of the stick.


“I tried a mop before, the butt end of the cue and a crutch. Crutch works actually quite well too. I even did a shot with a ‘prosthetic leg’ from a war veteran during an exhibition in a VFW. Ended up making it and having to sign the prosthetic as well.”

Although a stickler for practising his routine, Florian says he was able to shoot the video over the course of one evening.

He added: “This was pretty much shot in one evening. Most tricks in there are actually shots I have done before with a standard pool cue so I already knew how to perform them.”