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This beautiful student crushes most of the competition when it comes to being the most glamorous monster truck driver.

Stunning Rosalee Ramer, a mechanical engineering student at Georgia Tech, spends most weekends swapping books for brakes as she competes in Monster Jam races.

The 21-year-old from Watsonville, California, USA, gained her love for truck racing from helping her dad Kelvin fix his own truck from the age of three – and is one of the youngest in the sport.

Despite having been racing for more than five years and winning Rookie of the Year in 2016, the blonde bombshell still gets questions about her place in a very male field.

Rosalee said: “One time at a show someone came up to me beforehand and asked how I was going to drive my truck in a dress as I was wearing a dress.

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“I told them, better than they can in pants.

“Being out in the truck is such an adrenaline rush, it’s crazy.

“That’s the best part of driving a monster truck.

“Sometimes we’re 40 feet in the air and you get this moment of hang time and you just lose your breath.”

Despite enjoying different extracurricular activities during school, Rosalee focused on driving and started racing in her go-kart called ‘Time Flys Jr’ when she was 11.

Rosalee said: “Growing up, I tried a lot things, like gymnastics, playing guitar and piano, singing.

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“But I started moving trucks around the pits when I was 14 and was instantly hooked.

“Every time I started getting good at something, I realised it was cutting into time on the road with monster trucks.

“That’s when I decided it had to go.”

Quickly dubbed the ‘World’s Youngest Female Professional Monster Truck Driver’, she won her first Monster Jam Competition in 2015.

In her truck called Wild Flower, Rosalee finished in the top 10 of the World Finals Freestyle Competition.

Rosalee said: “If there wasn’t a bright pink flower on the side of my truck, people wouldn’t be able to tell if the driver was a girl or a boy.

“The monster truck industry is just a one huge family.

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“My dad likes to say driving a truck is safer than walking down the street.

“We’ve got a full roll cage around us, a custom-built seat, five-point harness, full-on fire safe gear and my head and neck are restrained.

“It keeps me 100% safe.”

Rosalee is hoping that her participation in Monster Jam will help pave the way for other girls in the sport.

She said: “Women have fought really hard to get to where we are in the sport.

“But at the moment, it’s kind of a big push and I get to be part of the ‘you go girl’ section.

“There’s so much happening for women in the world.

“There’s a lot of negativity in the world.

“It doesn’t really matter if you’re a boy or girl, if you love something you’ve got to go at it 100%.

“You can’t pay attention to anyone who wants to get you down.”