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By Jasmine Kazlauskas

A morbidly obese mum who was TOO HEAVY for her doctor’s medical scales has dropped a staggering 94kg [17st 9lbs].

Just 18 months ago, Australian mum-of-one Holly Smith was mortified after her doctor’s medical scales could not physically weigh her enormous 208kg [32st 7lbs], size 32 frame.

The 37-year-old from Adelaide, South Australia, was forced to go to a nearby hospital to be weighed on ‘special scales’ that could accommodate her size.

After opting to have a gastric sleeve in December 2016, Holly has since shed an incredible 94kg [14st 7lbs] while dropping seven dress sizes.

And while she is still working at getting to her goal weight of 85kg [13st 3lbs], Holly’s confidence has skyrocketed after flaunting her sleek new body in a pair of size 16 skinny jeans for the very first time.

After being obese her entire life, the mum avoided weighing herself at any costs – with her only previous recorded weight being 156kg [24st 5lbs] while nine months pregnant with her son Lachlan, now six, in 2011.

PIC FROM Holly Smith / Caters News

Holly said the weight slowly crept up on her after giving birth, as she turned to comfort eating family-sized blocks of chocolate and super-sized KFC meals almost every day.

The project manager said: “I couldn’t believe I was too big to weigh myself on normal scales.

“I was embarrassed. But I had been overweight my entire life.

“I’ve tried all the different diets out there. They had a short-term effect, but it would never last.

“I’d lose a little, but then just end up stacking all the weight back on.

“I always avoided the scales. I remember weighing in at 156kg just before giving birth to my son.

“I was horrified. After that I was just in denial.

“It can be challenging raising a child with special needs, so I took to comfort eating.

“I’d gorge on an entire family block of chocolate, or a big boxed meal from KFC.

“A turning point for me came when I accidentally tripped on one of my son’s toys one night.

“I actually suffered a hair line fracture on my coccyx bone, if I had been a normal weight, it wouldn’t have been a huge issue.

PIC FROM Holly Smith / Caters News

“But because I was so obese, when I fell it was far more dangerous.

“The next day I began researching about gastric sleeve surgery.

“I booked an appointment with a local specialist and I started to feel positive about the future.

“But my whole world came crashing down when I stepped on the clinic scales to be weighed.

“It just kept coming up saying error. I couldn’t understand what was wrong.

“Then my doctor told me they only went up to 200kg, and I’d have to go over the road to the hospital to get weighed on their special set of scales.

“I was mortified. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing.

“Then when I discovered I was 208kg my heart just dropped, and I burst into tears.

“But after having the surgery in December 2016 I have now dropped half my body weight.

“I’m thrilled but the next step is to undergo excess skin removal.

“I have about 8kg of skin that will be removed from my stomach.

“Then they will just tighten everything up. I can’t wait.”

PIC FROM Holly Smith / Caters News

Holly was put onto a strict diet before her surgery that replaced all her meals with diet shakes, losing 19kg [2st 9lbs] in two-and-a-half months.

And then in December 2016, the mum finally had gastric sleeve surgery – which helped her lose an incredible 61kg [9st 6lbs] in the first six months following the procedure.

Holly gave up the chocolate and KFC binges for good – instead opting for a low-carb diet full of lean proteins, leafy green vegetables, fresh fruit and healthy fats.

Now the mum has a personal trainer and works out at the gym 4-6 times a week, with a mixture of cardio, weights and high intensity interval training.

She said: “Before I had the surgery, it was really hard to stick to the measly shake diet.

“I was addicted to sugar, so my body was detoxing. I felt sick all the time.

“But I stuck to it, and finally lost enough weight to have the surgery.

“I lost 61kg [9st 6lbs] in the first six months. I was so happy.

“The weight has just kept melting off.

“But I started to feel really amazing after joining the gym in July 2017.

“I’ll never forget buying my first pair of skinny jeans.

“They looked incredible. I started crying tears of happiness right there in the store.

“My entire world has changed now that I’ve lost the weight.

“I’ve learnt to love my body and all that it can do. It’s amazing.

“I’ve never been happier. I feel so alive.”

Breakfast: Mighty McMuffin meal with large full fat latte with 3 sugars (900 calories)
Morning tea: Muesli bar (200 calories)
Lunch: Large 3 choice Chinese and fried rice (usually honey chicken, sweet & sour pork and Mongolian beef) with a 600ml coke (1,500 calories)
Afternoon tea: King size chocolate bar or a packet of chips with another coffee (500 calories)
Dinner: Meat, vegetables and pasta but the portion for 2 people (1,500 calories)
Dessert: Chips or cheese and crackers or chocolate croissant (400 calories)
TOTAL: 5000 calories

AFTER DIET (can only eat small amount of calories due to gastric sleeve)
Breakfast: Mushroom, bacon and wonton quiche with a long black coffee (150 calories)
Morning tea: Beef stock in water (7 calories)
Lunch: Smoked chicken with boiled eggs, and protein dip with veggie sticks (300 calories)
Snack: A piece of fruit (80 calories)
Dinner: Thai chicken salad (280 calories)
No Dessert
TOTAL: 817 calories