Video Viral

By Ben Walley

These two male pals were captured on video trying to perfect the historic scene from ‘Dirty Dancing’ – but their re-enactment went hilariously wrong.

The friends attempted to recreate the moment Johnny lifts Baby into the air but they failed as they both ended up on the floor – thankfully without any injuries.

Pal Johannes Erlands, 26, a firefighter, was persuaded by alcohol to perform the ‘Swan lift’ with pal Johnie while at a party in Stockholm, Sweden.

And the duo actually succeeded for a few seconds before poor Johnie fell behind his friend’s head, throwing him on the floor as well.

Johannes said it is not the first time him and his pal have attempted a silly stunt.

He said: “We always do funny stuff on parties.

“This is after a couple of beers so that’s what made my balance go a bit off!

“We were both okay, I’m glad Johnnie was born with a rhino’s neck.”