Video Viral

By Charlotte Regen

 An overly exuberant England fan celebrated so hard he fell through the roof of a bus stop and it was only half time.

 As the Three Lions were 5-0 up against Panama on Sunday June 24, Liam Wright captured the moment a supporter jumped up and down on the top of a station.

 While crowds gatherer round on Silver Street in Doncaster, South Yorks, the lout lands on the plastic sheeting one too many times.

 Tumbling through the ceiling, all the other fans cheer as he falls to the floor.

 Liam said: “I have not seen anything like that before and it was just so funny.

 “He must have been up there for two minutes before falling to the floor.

“The crowd laughed and jeered at him as he fell through.

“He wasn’t seriously injury, just looked like he had hurt his ribs and wrist.”