Animals Video

By Charlotte Regen

A group of ducklings have been caught crossing the road in an adorable video clip. 

Rebecca Brookes managed to capture the footage on her commute from work after spotting the duckling family together. 


With her last sighting of the ducklings on June 14, Rebecca couldn’t wait to share her videos.

The footage shows a passersby trying to aid the ducklings to safety as they cross the road. 

Rebecca added: “I’ve been capturing the ducks for a month now during my commute home back to Leeds from York. 

“The footage was taken outside York St John University and near the train station in York.


“They haven’t been causing mayhem as such but the traffic stops to allow them to cross the road, the ducks have been part of the commuting life!

“They were in a little trouble when I first saw them, the baby ducks could not climb up onto the curb, a passerby helped them up.

“I’ve seen many people help them out, however you have to be careful as the ‘mum and dad’ ducks hiss – sign of protecting their young ones.

“They are really cute, it was if they were on the commuting journey with me through York after a hard day!

“Everyone is really careful, people stop in their cars to allow them to cross the road.”