By Mikey Jones

A photographer has captured the adorable moment a group of seals posed underwater for a family photo.

Peter Verhoog, 63, was diving in the Southern Ocean off Hopkins Island, South Australia, when he came across a herd of seals huddling amongst one another.

Peter Verhoog / CATERS NEWS

After following the animals, the photographer decided to grab his camera to capture this rare moment.

However, before he had time to direct them, the seals quickly gathered close and posed for this unique family photo.

Sam Cahir, 47, also snapped the moment Peter took this photograph.

Peter, from The Netherlands, said: “The seals are very fast, agile and graceful and will circle around you.

Peter Verhoog / CATERS NEWS

“You get the feeling that they like the interaction with divers, and actively seek your company.

“Though they are funny and cute, they are still predators and have impressive teeth – especially when they chew on your fins!

“Diving with these creatures make me really happy.

“Normally, my subjects tend to swim away from me, but seals always approach you, so that’s a wonderful thing!

Peter Verhoog / CATERS NEWS

“Sometimes they see themselves in the glass dome of the underwater house, and really seem to be puzzled though!”

Sam, from Victoria, Australia, said: “On this occasion the seals were in a very playful mood.

“One of the things about sea lions is they let you get only so close before they swim a little farther away.”