By Michael Scott

A photographer captured the incredible moment a bird appears to BARREL ROLL for the camera – and seems pretty pleased with himself for it.

Karen Munro, 41, was on a wildlife cruise around the uninhabited island of Stroma, near North Scotland, when she saw the Fulmar soaring above her.

Karen Munro/Caters News

Whilst taking photographs of the bird, it perfectly executed a barrel roll whilst smirking with pride.

Karen said: “The bird made me laugh – it looks happy but in fact the bird had just lifted off of the sea and was having a shake to dry off.

Karen Munro/Caters News

“It’s nice to see the Fulmar getting some attention as this time of year all people usually want to see and photograph are Puffins.

“I have never seen the Fulmar fly upside down before, but they are amazing flyers and I could watch them for hours as they glide in the wind.”