By Jamie Smith

These dramatic images show the moment a bitter feud erupted between a group of red squirrels.

Captured by 27-year-old Julian Rad, photographer in Austria, the pictures show a group of squirrels fighting with one another.

Pic by Julian Rad/Caters News

He said: “There was so much action going on, it seemed like I was in the middle of an action movie, there was dust whirling everywhere and I could hear them squeak.”

The images show the squirrels attacking one another through the air, claws held out.

Pic by Julian Rad/Caters News

Julian said that the squirrels live close to each other.

He said: “Normally they are friendly to each other but sometimes it comes to territorial fights when two territories of two individuals overlap.

Pic by Julian Rad/Caters News

“I have never seen  images of fighting European ground squirrels and I am proud to be the only one or one of only few photographers who could caption such behaviour and I can call myself lucky for having witnessed and captured such a rare moment.”