Animals Video

By Helen Le Caplain and Iain Watts

This pooch couldn’t take the tension during England’s second penalty yesterday and was caught on camera turning away from the TV – but then jumping and barking for joy as the ball landed in the net.

Comical video footage shows Scooby Doo staring intently at the screen as England captain Harry Kane prepared to take the penalty just before half time during the match against Panama.


But it seems it all got too much for the poor golden retriever who turned away from the TV for a few seconds ahead of the whistle blowing and Kane taking the penalty.

The nine-year-old only whipped his head back to the screen as the ball landed in the net and owners college lecturer Sanny Vernon, 50, and engineer Roger Vernon, 53, cheered with delight.

Trotting back in front of the TV Scooby Doo started barking and leaping up and down as he saw Southgate’s squad celebrate on the pitch.

His owners think the sight of the players jumping and hugging, as well as their cheers, made him particularly excited.

Footy fan Sanny, from Maryland, US, said: “We watch every World Cup and got up early to watch the England V Panama match which started at 8am our time.


“Scooby was running around so excited as he loves football and was watching it with us.

“When we would shout and cheer he would jump but this goal was something else.

“In the video you can see him turn away from the screen, it was like he couldn’t bear to watch, we were all so nervous.

“When it was a goal we cheered and shouted and the players all jumped up together and hugging which I think made him realise it was a goal.


“He was barking and leaping around so much when that happened – it’s the most excited I’d seen him all match.”

Sanny, who used to live in Crawley, Sussex, said she’s incredibly proud of the Three Lions’ achievements so far, especially their 6-1 thrashing of Panama in yesterday’s game.

Mum of one Sanny said: “I’m a British citizen still, having lived in England for four years, and watched football all the time while I was over there, I supported Man United.

“I thought England would win but didn’t realise we could do so well.

“During the match yesterday my blood pressure was so high and my throat’s sore from all the cheering.

“Harry Kane is very good, very calm and very accurate – he’s brilliant. I hope he can continue like this.

“It’s very exciting and I’m so proud of the team. I hope they win their next match, I pray so much for them.”