Offbeat Video

By Charlotte Regen

This hilarious video shows the moment an unlucky athlete fell flat on his face while attempting a pole vault.

Taken by a local groundskeeper in Warsaw, Indiana, the footage shows the confident-looking athlete running up to the high jump, with his pole in hand.

Leaping into the air, onlookers see the athlete hurtle towards the wooden bar.

Things quickly go wrong though, as the pole suddenly pops out of the hands of the athlete.

Hurtling towards the rubber mat, the camera suddenly goes out of shot. 

According to Remington Swanson, who filmed the video, the crowd were “shocked” by what they saw. 

Gasps can be heard from the crowd as the athlete crawls back into view.

Remington said: “The reaction was shock – then laughing after I found out he was ok.

“Luckily the athlete was not hurt.”