Offbeat Video

By Ben Walley

This amazing video shows the moment a fitness freak from Armenia performed elevated push-ups with nothing but two of his fingers.

Narek Hakobyan, 29, has perfected the stunt as part of his morning routine.

Pics From Narek Hakobyan/Caters News

“I exercise every day, two or three hours per day,” he said.

The video shows Narek performing a series of push-ups before casually dusting himself off.

“Mostly, I work out at home. I have rest, free of workout day, only on Sundays. 

“I like to spend my free time by painting,” he said. 

Pics From Narek Hakobyan/Caters News

“I have always loved and practiced sports since my childhood.  

“I have practiced different kinds of sports;such as karate, boxing, weightlifting, swimming, running, all of these kinds of sports have been done so that l can strengthen all of my muscles and do interesting record-worth tricks. 

“l was into the above mentioned   sports for only several months, only karate- for about 4 years.  I started to get seriously engaged in sports since 2012.

“Almost every day I exercise,work out two or three hours.  I have rest only on Sundays.”