Animals Video

By Katy Gill

Forget the idiom “Whatever floats your boat” – as this loveable GOAT will tell you exactly what floats it, bobbing along nonchalantly in its owner’s swimming pool.

In the adorable footage, rescue goat Tinker Bell can be seen floating away on two pool noodle, not giving a care in the world and enjoying the blaring sunshine. 

This is unorthodox behavior surprised 18-month-old Tinker Bell’s owners, as the animals are believed to fear water. 

In the video, the luck animal also received a few head rubs and snuggles whilst under the careful watch of owner Stephanie O’Brien, 57, the owner of Goat Slope, a fainting goat farm in Melrose, Florida, USA.

After the Category 5 Hurricane Irma worked it’s way inland last year, Tinker Bell, who was named after the small Disney pixie, was moved into storm-proof shelter in the O’Brien’s backyard

It was there that she discovered her love of swimming.

Due to being a fainting breed of goat, the majestic swimmer is helped in and out of the pool by her human parents as to not frighten her.

The breed, when frightened and as their name suggests, can stiffen up and pass out.

Stephanie, who was filmed swimming with Tinker Bell on June 16, said: “I received Tinker Bell last year after her mom rejected her. 

“We raised her as a bottle-fed baby and grew a special bond – she was very small, which earned her the name after the Disney character, Tinker Bell.

“As soon as I let her into the yard last year, she walked straight over to the pool and got in – we always assist her in and out of the pool so she doesn’t get frightened. 

“I’m not sure she realises she’s a goat, as they are known to hate water.

“I have greater difficulty getting her out of the swimming pool rather than into it.

“I’ve purchased her a new floating pool bed so she can really put her hooves up and relax this summer – she’s very spoiled and determined.”