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A terminal bride marries has been gifted her dream wedding for free is now racing against time to make as many memories as she can with her ‘bad boy’ husband before she dies.  

Tracy and Marty Swinferd, 47 and 48, of Bixby, Oklahoma, USA, have known each other for nine years, having met while working together at the non-profit Goodwheel Riders. 


After already being friends, the “good girl/ bad boy” couple reconnected four years ago and started dating for the first time. 

But in April 2017, Tracy was diagnosed with Triple Negative Breast Cancer that had metastasized to her lungs. 

Upon receiving the bad news, she was shocked to find out that her boyfriend immediately wanted to marry her. 

After teaming up with the charity Wish Upon A Wedding, they got to have their dream wedding free of charge on June 7. 

With an estimated prognosis of five-years, the couple’s next plan is to buy an RV and enjoy the rest of their time together traveling around the country. 


Tracy, a former nursing executive, said: “Our paths kept crossing and then when we met up again four years ago, we were finally both single. 

“At first, I did not expect that I would fall in love with him. He was the typical bad boy and I was the typical good girl, but we were spending a lot of time together and the chemistry just kept building.

“After I told him I was diagnosed, he kept asking me to marry him and I couldn’t understand why. I knew I was going to lose my hair and didn’t expect to be here much longer.  

“The wedding just took my mind off everything. For the first time in a while I was able to feel beautiful and wasn’t worrying.” 


Marty, a truck driver, said: “The wedding was so over the top and extravagant. It was an amazing day.  

“Falling in love with her was so easy. She’s one of those people you just look at and you know they’re genuine. She’s everything I ever wanted.  

“If something this bad was happening, I wanted us to go through it together. 

“When we got the diagnosis, we just felt broken, but somehow we’ve been able to push through it strong.”    

Tracy admitted that if it weren’t for her new husband, there’s a chance she wouldn’t be alive. 

Last year when she noticed the lump on her breast, she assumed it was a harmless cyst and wasn’t going to get it checked. 


Marty kept nagging her to schedule a doctor’s appointment, which led to her diagnosis.  

Tracy said: “At the time that I discovered a lump in my breast, I just kept blowing it off. 

“If he wasn’t in my life, I wouldn’t have made it. It was growing so fast that without treatment, I probably would have died within a year.”   

While they may not have much time left together, neither of them want to think about Tracy’s life expectancy. 

The couple wants to focus on enjoying whatever amount of time remains.

Tracy said: “There is a five year survival rate, but it is possible that I can live longer.   

“We try not to think about that each day and just focus on enjoying ourselves as much as possible. 

“I need to take every day as it comes because my life can be taken from me at any time.”