Life Video

By Luke Kenton

 This mum-of-two is convinced the ghost of her miscarried child is haunting her home, after capturing footage of a ‘ghostly face’ on her crib cam, following a number of creepy occurrences.

 Mum Melissa Smith insists she’s always been a paranormal skeptic, but that all changed in September 2016, when a tragic miscarriage prompted a number of spooky happenings to occur at home, in Toronto, Ontario.


The same night she tragically lost her child, Melissa claims a child’s toy randomly turned itself on in the middle of the living room and began playing music – and things continued to get stranger from there. 

From closet doors slamming to strange knocks on their her bedroom door, Melissa and her family have been continuously spooked by a number of freaky encounters they’ve struggled to explain with logic.

 But on May 31, Melissa received the most ‘conclusive proof’ yet that her house is being haunted by her unborn baby, after she turned on her daughter Leah’s cot-cam to see what she believes to be the face of a ghost staring back at her 8-month-old.


Believing her daughter to wriggling desperately to burrow her face into the corner of the crib, Melissa ran upstairs to pull her daughter away from the pale figure and has been dumfounded by the footage ever since. 

Melissa, who works for the provincial government, said: “Friends have told me to ‘pack my bags’ and run after I showed it to them.

“My friend Christine was over for a chat and both of my children were napping.

 “I thought I heard a noise on my daughter’s monitor, so I clicked it on the camera feed and Christine noticed what appeared to be a baby peering into the crib through the bottom screen.

“Leah was wriggling and burrowing her face into the corner of the cot – I ran upstairs to get her.


“The same. Night the video was taken, I was responding to some of my friends messages about it, when the lamp cord on my bedside started to move – I’ve heard the same noise once before.

“It almost looks like a doll through the screen, but we don’t have any in our house, only stuffed animals. 

“A week before this happened, my husband and I were in the living room when we heard something drop into the empty kitchen sink.

“It was the lid of our sons sippy cup and my husband had previously placed it about a foot away from the sink – it made a very loud noise like it had been thrown.

“I was a skeptic for the longest time, but after witnessing what I have, I have no choice to believe that my house has a ghost. 

“Is it the spirit of the child we lost? I’ll let someone else decide.”