By Jamie Smith

A photographer was able to capture the gorgeous Milky Way as it lit up the night sky across the scenic Cornish countryside.

Landscape photographer Alessio Putzu travelled to Botallack, Cornwall, in the middle of the night to capture the sunset behind the Trevose Head lighthouse as well as the Milky Way above the Crown Engine Houses.

Alessio, 30, who is originally from Italy but now based in London, said: “Everything was going to be as planned a couple of days before the shoot, with the Milky Way rising and positioning itself in the perfect spot.

Pic by Alessio Putzu/Caters News

“The forecast was accurate, with clear skies for the narrow window of time to get the picture.

“On the way down I encountered another photographer, so he joined me and we started to admire the beauty above us.

“The moment this incredible scenery showed up on my camera screen, I knew this was going to be another one of those amazing images.”