By Kristiana Hall

A photographer was left stunned when this 40 tonne humpback whale breached right in front of his tiny boat.

Craig Parry, 39, was delighted when the enormous whale leapt from the water to say hello during a boat trip in Byron Bay, Australia.

Craig Parry / Caters News

The professional nature photographer, from Byron Bay, said: “It was late afternoon and the sun was just about to set.

“This was one of the first sightings of a humpback this season, so for me a special encounter.

“The breach occurred only 20 metres [66ft] from my boat and the noise was incredible.

Craig Parry / Caters News

“It made my boat look tiny as these animals weigh 40 tonnes and are over 40ft long.

“It was a beautiful moment to be so close to one of these majestic creatures.”