Animals Video

By Amy Farnworth

A rescue dog from Colorado has been caught on camera opening and closing the front door for his owner. 

And Roger Hollowell, a 59 year old retired fireman from Aspen, has also trained his dog, Buddy to do many other tricks around the house.


From teaching him how to dance and crawl to getting Buddy to stretch on demand, Roger says that the front door trick has been by far the most useful.

“Buddy knows many tricks but I taught him how to open and close the door by first teaching him how to ring a bell on the door knob.

“This all came about because Buddy is not a barking dog, so he can’t really tell us when he wants to be let out.

“We devised the bell trick as a way for him to tell us when he wanted to go outside, and then after he’d learned how to do that it was easy to 

teach him how to open and close the door.”

Six year old Buddy is an Australian Shepherd dog and was rescued by Roger when he was just a puppy. 


Roger said: “He came from a litter that had been severely abused and he is still traumatised by his early life.

“But over the years I’ve managed to gain his trust and now he’s very loving.”

Roger, who also used to train problem horses, said he’s always been good at getting animals to trust him, and now he’s taught Buddy to open and close the door there’s no stopping him.

Roger said: “Buddy is great at opening the door for me; and he lets himself out whenever he wants.

“That’s fantastic for me as I don’t need to check if he needs to go outside, but now he thinks he’s got a free reign on the house.

“This means he just comes and goes when he pleases, and barges into the bedroom at night too.

“He loves being outside but he doesn’t always remember to close the door behind him, which can be a bit frustrating in the winter!”