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By James Ward

These eerie photos show the pacemakers and joint replacements found in the ovens of crematoriums.

Taken by photographer Harry Lloyd Evans, the images show hip replacements, mental knees and pacemakers after they have been removed from the crematoria ovens.

Pics from Harry Lloyd-Evans/Caters News: Tibial knee replacement implant

“I originally wanted to show the day to day working life of working in a crematorium,” he said.

“But this all changed when I was taken on a tour of one of the crematoriums I visited. I was taken in to a back room where there were three green recycling bins.

“I was intrigued about the contents and it turned out to be full of medical implants and other metals such as screws and nails. I was told the contents would be taken to Holland where they would be sorted and melted down for recycling.

Pics from Harry Lloyd-Evans/Caters News: A Timex watch following crematoria oven

“This interested me and I knew then that I wanted to document and follow the journey of these implants.”

Harry spent three months on the project.

“Gaining access was surprisingly very easy. I phoned local crematoriums and politely explained what I wanted to photograph.

Pics from Harry Lloyd-Evans/Caters News: Hip replacement implant

“I reassured the staff by saying I would carry out this project in a dignified and respectful manner. Explaining that I was a university student definitely helped as they knew I wasn’t just some random guy off the streets.

He came across some pretty bizarre items too.

Pics from Harry Lloyd-Evans/Caters News: Knee replacement femoral component implant

“While spending weeks at different crematoria across the U.K I saw all kinds of items pass through the furnace.  The strangest item I came across was a spanner  – even the staff were taken aback. This made me imagine who that person might have been and what had been the significance of the spanner during their working life.

“Other personal items included watches, teeth and gold coins.”