By Mikey Jones

These stunning images show the beauty and drama of Mother Nature at work.

Captured deep in heart of the Danakil Desert in East Africa, the images look as though they might have been taken on a martian landscape.

Neta Dekel / CATERS NEWS 

But they actually show the natural acid pools near the Erta Ale volcano.

Pools of brightly coloured acid can be seen amid the dramatic blast of volcanic ash.

Taken by Neta Dekel, the Israeli photographer said that the acid pools were one of the most extraordinary sights he has ever seen.

Neta Dekel / CATERS NEWS 

“The acid pools were something out of this world,” he said.

“The acid is extremely dangerous since a drop of it can burn your flesh to the bone, and there were no trails or barricades that can protect the visitors.”

Despite the amazing sight, Netal said that seeing the pools came with an unpleasant downside.

“The smell was horrible and it was difficult to breath.

Neta Dekel / CATERS NEWS 

“We walked between the pools and on the coloured stones without any limitations.

“The Volcano was also a unique experience. We managed to climb up to the volcano mouth – 4 meters away from a full and exploding lava pool.”

The Danakil Desert stretches over 100,000 square kilometers in three countries: northeast Ethiopia, southern Eritrea and northwestern Djibouti.

Neta Dekel / CATERS NEWS 

With its active volcanoes and extreme heat, it is one of the hottest places on Earth with daytime temperatures often climbing above 50 °C (122 °F).