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By Bilal Kuchay

This is the tragic moment a 33-year-old tourist died while enjoying a beach holiday with friends after strong waves swept him into the sea.

Sasikumar Vasan from the southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu was enjoying a calm evening with his two  friends, a male and a female, on the popular Sinquerim beach in Goa – a major tourist destination for beach lovers from worldwide. 

Dominic Rodrigous/ CATERS NEWS

The trio were sitting near a rocky stretch adjoining a creek which empties into the sea, enjoying the cool splash of sea waters and taking selfies when suddenly they were hit by a strong wave. 

While the waves pushed the other tourists further onto the bowl of the rocks, Sasikumar was swept away into the water.

Heartbreaking video recorded by other tourists show his friends pushed into the rocks while Sasikumar is taken by the strong waves.

The friends, yet to be identified, somehow get back on their feet and meticulously climb the rocks not realising Sasikumar is not following them.

After somebody alerts them, the man looks behind just to realise Sasikumar has been swept away.

The two stand shell shocked for almost 20 seconds, frantically looking at the sea to spot him but realise he is gone.

Dominic Rodrigous/ CATERS NEWS

Police inspector, Jivba Dalvi, said: “Two of the three tourists managed to come out but their friend was swept away by the strong waves. The victim’s dead body was fished out later.”

In a similar incident which also occurred near a rocky outcrop at Baga beach, located in North Goa, a strong wave pulled Dinesh Kumar Ranganatha, 28, also a native of Tamil Nadu, into the sea, resulting in his drowning on the same day.

Dinesh’s body was fished out from the sea almost an hour after the tragic incident happened.

Police Officer, Rishikesh Patil, said: “The incident happened on Sunday evening around 6:30 pm. The three friends were enjoying at the rocky stretch when the strong wave hit them. While the two friends managed to come out but Dinesh was swept by the waves.”

“After the postmortem was conducted, Dinesh’s body was handed over to his sister who had arrived in Goa following the incident,” said Mr Patel.

The deaths come just a week after three tourists from Maharashtra drowned in the Arabian Sea at Goa’s famous Calangute beach near Panaji.