By Kristiana Hall

Getting up close and personal with an alligator has never looked so appealing!

And these incredible photos show just how close amateur photographer, Hannes Klostermann, got to this amazing beast.

PIC FROM Hannes Klostermann / Caters News

The 29 year old from Dresden, Germany, took the shots on a recent trip to Florida earlier this year.

He said: “I had booked a session to snorkel with alligators at Everglades Outpost, a wildlife rescue facility.

“Even though the alligators are in the facility, they’re still very much wild, so I was a bit nervous before I first went in.”

The 10ft alligator, called Casper, swam towards Hannes before the photographer sank to the bottom and was able to capture a shot of him from below.

Hannes said: “In this instance, I wasn’t quite ready and before I sank to the bottom of the pool, Casper bumped into my camera and then turned away.

PIC FROM Hannes Klostermann / Caters News

“That might sound crazy but it was actually pretty relaxed; as long as I moved slowly and deliberately the alligator didn’t really take too much notice of me.

PIC FROM Hannes Klostermann / Caters News

“It turned out perfectly because I was able to approach them very closely and get some amazing shots.”