By Becca Husselbee

A couple who wanted something a little bit different for their big day opted for four tiers of pork pie heaven as their wedding cake.

Rebekah and Kyle Johnson stunned their 70 guests with the monster cake at their nuptials on May 19, the same day as the royal wedding, which was proudly displayed alongside a more traditional wedding dessert made from 100 cupcakes.

Pics by Ben Chapman / Caters News

The couple, both 22, won a competition for pork pie lovers with the prize the opportunity to have their very own ‘cake’ at their special day in Long Sutton, Lincolnshire.

Rebekah, a buyer for a men’s gift company, said: “I entered a lot of Royal Wedding-themed competitions and when people found out about the pork pie wedding cake they were quite surprised, but they thought it was a good idea.

“We had already decided to have a tiered cake with 100 cupcakes, so we thought it would be nice to put the two ‘cakes’ alongside each other.

“The pork pie cake was fantastic. The second layer from the bottom contained caramelised onion and the rest was traditional pork pie.

“Kyle is not a huge fan of pork pies but he did like this one. I’ve loved pork pies since I was a little girl.

Pics by Ben Chapman / Caters News

“This one was distributed among our friends and family and people were still eating pork pie for a week after the wedding.”

The couple were married at St Matthew’s Church in Sutton Bridge before a reception at the Curlew Centre in the same village.

Their custom-made pork pie wedding cake was created at Pork Farms’ Nottingham Bakery by chef Brian Poulson, who cooked the pie in four different sections before crafting the pastry decorations.

Each tier was made using crisp hot water crust pastry and 100% British pork and was topped off with seasoned jelly.

Brian then assembled the pie at the wedding venue just hours before the ceremony.