Offbeat Video

By Charlotte Regen

These hilarious clips taken by avid skier, Jake Strassman, show just how many times it’s possible to fail at pond skimming.

Pond skimming is a form of skiing or snowboarding that takes place across water.

It usually happens at the end of ski season when the snow melts enough to create puddles or expose natural ponds or rivers.

Feeling gallant, and probably a little ski-drunk, the skiers at Arapahoe Basin in Colorado take to the slopes to try and make it across the water without falling in.

And unsurprisingly, the majority of them fail – spectacularly.

Pics from Caters News

Jake said: “Fails and crashes happen a lot, especially in the spring when people are feeling a bit riskier with soft snow and warm weather.

“The worst pond skim crash I’ve seen was in Montana when a person was skiing way too fast.

“They made it across the water but fell and slammed into the snowbank on the end of the pond, bounced into the air and flipped about 30 feet further downhill!

Having pond skimmed many times himself, Jake says he’s always impressed by how few injuries actually occur.

He added: “The crashes usually look worse than they are; people just tend to hurt their egos!”