By Harriet Whitehead

This belly-busting meat platter which contains a whopping 6,000 calories is sure to give diners watching their waistlines a fright.

The Monster Grill has defeated many a grown man weighing in at a mammoth 2kg and contains three times the recommended daily intake of calories for a woman.

Ian Hinchliffe/Mercury Press

Dubbed the ultimate meat feast it contains 10 chicken satay sticks, one 7oz sirloin steak, five sausages, five lamb koftas, half a peri-peri chicken, a corn on the cob, grilled courgettes and pepper topped off with 1lb of chips.

The meat mountain is being served up at Yee Rah Wok and Grill in Liverpool – and is free for anyone who can wolf it down in under an hour.

The mouth-watering BBQ challenge has been attempted by 17 people but so far only one has managed to ‘slay the monster’, gobbling it down in 51 minutes and 59 seconds.

Those who complete it get the £55 meal for free, a t-shirt and a pride-of-place spot on the restaurant’s Wall of Fame.

Yee Rah’s social content manager Mariel Ono, 25, said: “We launched it in November to offer the people of Liverpool something a bit different.

Ian Hinchliffe/Mercury Press

“It’s the first grill challenge we’ve offered, we think it’s the ultimate meat feast.

“We’ve had 17 people attempt to beat our Monster Grill challenge with only one person succeeding in 51 minutes and 59 seconds.

“There’s a great atmosphere when people are taking it on.

“The guy who completed the Monster Grill had all his friends cheering him and the staff gathered round to encourage him.

“By the end he had this look of pure victory on his face, he was so proud of himself.

Ian Hinchliffe/Mercury Press

“We usually get big groups of lads coming in or couples will order it and share.

“People will often start off pretty confident feeling like they’re going to smash it but as time ticks on it proves to be too much. It’s pretty tough.

“We’ve got a few rules, you’re not allowed to be sick half way through and carry on eating, you’ve got to finish it and there’s no sharing.

“We’d encourage people to come and see if they can slay the monster.”

Ian Hinchliffe/Mercury Press


Chicken satay skewers (10) – 1,170 calories

Sirloin steak (7oz) – 500 calories

Pork sausages (5) – 1,500 calories

Lamb koftas (5 x 20g) – 271 calories

Half a peri-peri chicken – 577 calories

Chips (1.1lb) – 1,560 calories

Grilled corn on the cob – 100 calories

Grilled pepper – 20 calories

Grilled courgette – 17 calories

Peanut satay sauce (100ml) – 185 calories

Peri-peri sauce (100ml) – 70 calories

Spicy seafood sauce (100ml) – 100 calories

TOTAL = 6,070 calories