Offbeat Video

By Katy Gill

This the moment an aspiring 3-year-old star stole the show by jumping on stage and bursting into song and dance – much to the amusement of the actual singer and full-house crowd, who erupted into laughter.

Larger-than-life character Lochlan Bowie was on holiday with his parents – Iain Bowie, 35, and Marianne McKenzie-Bowie, 28 – in Lanzarote, the Canary Islands, when they walked past a bar and heard a singer performing.

Determined Lochlan (known as “Lochie”) insisted on going straight into the bar and made a beeline for the singer, requesting he played his favorite songs.

Lochie could not have looked more at ease with his surroundings, on June 9, placing one hand in his pocket during the performance, which saw him sang at the top of his lungs and dance along to the music. 

Trying to master the knack of singing and dancing at the same time, Lochie maintained a smile on his face while watching more and more people enter the bar simply to see the tot perform.

Iain, from Saltcoats, Scotland, said: “We were on holiday in Lanzarote and went out for a walk, when we happened to come across a man performing in a bar.

“Lochie said straight away, ‘I’m going in to ask the singer if he can play Elvis or the My Boy Lollipop song,’ and he did exactly that. 

“Lochie made a beeline for the performer and immediately jumped on stage – the whole place just erupted into laughter.

“Passersby all started coming in, and before long it was a full house with everyone in stitches of laughter and applauding him.

“Lochlan’s natural state is when he’s performing – whether we’re at home, on holiday or at a party, he just loves it – he is not phased by a crowd or anyone else for that matter.

“His love for performing started in 2016 after he saw a Micheal Jackson tribute act – he hasn’t stopped signing or dancing since then!

“He now aspires to perform on the big stages and in films.

“Both Marianne and I are extremely proud parents.”