Offbeat Video

By Ben Walley

A golf coach from Newbury has performed a compilation of impressive trick shots that have gone viral, turning him into an internet sensation.

Simon Anthony Smith started playing golf with his friends around eight years ago but has been performing tricks since before he was actually any good at the sport. 


Simon said: “The tricks are just something I have always done when practising on and off the golf course but these days I seem to be practising them a lot more.”

Some of his trick shot videos have amassed over 8million views, and the 24 year old says that he spend all his spare time thinking up new ideas.

“I don’t sleep! I spend all the time thinking of new ideas and then I ask my family and friends for their opinions; people who don’t play golf are always the ones who come up with the best ideas!”


With a lot of people now doing trick shots for social media accounts, Simon said it’s often hard to be original but the art of it all is coming up with a shot that no one has done before.

“My favourite trick has to be my first ever one. I did it with two concrete slabs. Without that trick, I would never have started this journey.”