Offbeat Video

By Curtis Mitchell

Talk about freezing your nuts off!

This brave skateboarder combines skating and diving in one fell swoop as he plunges into freezing waters in nothing but a pair of skimpy boxer shorts!

The extreme sports fanatic from Bergen in Norway loves mixing long-boarding and cliff diving in order to create something truly impressive.

However, Jorgen Lund Thomassen said he’d never done this particular stunt before, so was stoked when he managed to pull it off.

“My biggest concern was that the skateboard would fall into the water or that I would fall before take off.

“I wanted a twist on the dive and that’s why I didn’t stretch my arms out before landing, preferring to land on my head.”

The 17 year old shot the video at a harbour called Verftet, which just so happens to be a popular tourist spot when the sun comes out.

But despite the relatively sunny weather, the water was still a tad chilly!

Jorgen said: “Compared to the freezing temperatures we usually have in Norway, the water was not actually that cold…although I did get the flu a few days later after walking home in wet boxers!”