Offbeat Video

By Curtis Mitchell

They often say that revenge is a dish best served cold, and in this case, that would be very, very true.

This cheeky prankster from Huddersfield, UK, manages to exact retribution on his mate, putting a layer of icing on top of a very messy proverbial cake.

In the ultimate revenge prank, Christopher James Wood can be seen pushing his mate into a bin, pouring milk, flour and eggs over him and then leaving him to bake…literally.

Christopher, 25, said: “My mate had this coming to be honest. He attempted to pour milk over me and kick me into a bin but couldn’t quite pull it off, so revenge was ON!

“I took the prank he did to me and made it better.”

With events spiralling, it now looks like the two pals could be heading for a full on prank war.

“He was so annoyed at first. I really wished I’d filmed him complaining.

“Every one of the neighbours that came out and saw him were in hysterics. 

“My prank was in retaliation and now Declan’s talking on Facebook about getting me back. If he doesn’t then it looks like it’s over, but whatever happens I’ll have the last laugh.”

All the commotion certainly caused a stir on social media, with the video amassing over 500k views, putting a very sweet cherry on top of a very bitter dessert.

Christopher said: “It’s crazy how far it’s gone. I don’t think Declan could come close to pulling off a decent prank; I am the king of pranks, he just has to realise this.”