Animals Video

By Jack Williams

This is the amusing moment a goosed up bird decided to take on a full-grown COW in a fiery battle over food.

In the bizarre footage, the feisty goose can be seen with its wings stretched wide, pressing its head and beak aggressively into the head of the cow, which was more than willing to fight back.

For more the 20 seconds, the pair circled inside the pen, looking to for the other to give up the meal.

The moment was captured on June 3, near Saint Petersburg, Russia, by Timur Astapenko.

Shocked Timur, 31, did not expect the outcome that unfolded, as after much jostling, the cow, Matrena, eventually relented, leaving Slavik the goose with the spoils of the food.

The moment, Timur said, was extremely amusing and something he had not seen before. 

He said: “It was very funny.

“This battle was for food. 

“I brought food to feed the cow, but suddenly the goose came running and the battle began. 

“This would continue for a long time, since everyone wants to eat. 

“I had to give the goose another meal, so that the cow could eat peacefully.”